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    Date: 2011-12-09    
    *The Origin of the NMMBA “Sleepover” Program

    In most peoples’ minds, museums are solemn and serious places where the action stops at night. Even at NMMBA, with so many living organisms to see, most guests only visit in the day time. Have you ever thought about what all those creatures do at night? What do they look like? Wouldn’t it me nice to view them with just a few other visitors, as part of a behind-the –scenes tour? Come and spend a night at the museum, you’ll find that the biological treasures of the ocean are equally, if not more, stunning at night
    *Here are just a few of the other reasons why you may want to consider spending a night in our aquarium:
    (1) NMMBA is the biggest aquarium in Taiwan and one of the largest in the world.
    (2) This is a rare opportunity for non-divers to see coral reefs and other marine realms at night.
    (4) You can take a behind-the-scenes tour of NMMBA to know how we take care of all or our organisms.
    (5) You can walking along our private jetty and enjoy an amazing sunset.
    (6) You can take a night safari in the Coral Kingdom.
    (7)You can enjoy some of the best stargazing in Taiwan at one of our numerous outdoor observation decks.
    (8) Enjoy the azure ocean at dawn.
    (9) You can partake in tours and activities that are both entertaining and educational.
    (10) Our experienced staff guide will teach you about marine ecology.
    (11) You can sleep with schools of fish, just like a mermaid.