Do you have rooms for sleepover? Print fb
    Date: 2017-09-30    

     *We could sleep with marine biology and have lots of activities in our aquarium! Professional tour guides will take you to know more about our aquarium. We got exhibition tour, Night Safari, visit the intertidal zone, feeding show, and behind the scene…..etc.

    *We will offer convertors like pillows, quilt, and mattress.

    *The way to sleep: On the floor of exhibitions.

    *Including entrance, dinner, dessert, breakfast, and bathroom.

     *The activity will begin from the afternoon of the date you apply to the next morning at 11 am. You may stay in aquarium after it.

    *NMMBA works all year. The minimum is 15 people for each or it will be canceled. Please call +886 8 8825678

    or check the website (http://www.nmmba.gov.tw/En/News_Content.aspx?n=390543453F4A4942&s=348A76B6B4BCF95E)



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