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    SCI Journal Papers

    Chuan-Ho Tang*, Shu-Han Shi, Ching-Yu Lin, Wei-Hsien Wang . (2021)Lipid profiling of symbiosomes in scleractinian coral in response to herbicide-induced photoinhibition. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 186, 104433.

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    Chuan-Ho Tang*, Ching-Yu Lin, Yi-Lun Tsai, Shu-Hui Lee, Wei-Hsien Wang*. (2018)Lipidomics as a diagnostic tool of the metabolic and physiological state of managed whales: a correlation study of systemic metabolism. Zoo Biology, 6, 440–451.

    Sheng-Han Lee, Si-Han Hong, Chuan-Ho Tang, Yee-Soon Ling, Ke-Han Chen, Hao-Jan Liang, Ching-Yu Lin* .(2018) Mass spectrometry-based lipidomics to explore the biochemical effects of naphthalene toxicity or tolerance in a mouse model. PLoS ONE, 13(10): e0204829.

    Chuan-Ho Tang*, Ching-Yu Lin, Pei-Pei Sun, Shu-Hui Lee, Wei-Hsien Wang* . (2018)Modeling the effects of Irgarol 1051 on coral using lipidomic methodology for environmental monitoring and assessment. Science of the Total Environment, 627, 571–578.

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