Research Projects

    • Research Project

      Marine Biodiversity

    • Principal Investigators

      Chih-Wei Chang(principal investigator)Hsuan-Ching HoNing Labbish ChaoChia-wei LinHin-Kiu Mok

    • Subprojects

      • 1.Global Sciaenidae Conservation Network (Ning Labbish Chao, Hin-Kiu Mok, Chih-Wei Chang)
      • 2.Diversity and Phylogeny of Crustacean in the coral reef of Indo-Pacific (Chia-Wei Lin)
      • 3.Biodiversity of fishes in Taiwan (Hsuan-Ching Ho)

    • Research Overview

      The integrative project of Marine Biodiversity aims to expanse the specimen collection of marine organisms from Taiwan and the adjacent areas, to promote a worldwide collaboration by an effective utilization of the collection, and to engage regional and/or global coordinated studies on both genetic and species diversity. Ultimately, the potential of specimen collection and related studies at NMMBA could be upgraded and of a significantly worldwide impact.

    • Publications

      Beheregaray, L. B., G. M. Cooke, N. L. Chao and E. L. Landguth (2015) Ecological speciation in the tropics: Insights from comparative genetic studies in Amazonia. Review article, Front. Genet., 21 January 2015 Volume 5 , Article 477, 19 p.
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      Chang CW*, Wang SI, Ko FC (2016) Spatial and temporal variations in subtidal fish assemblages of Xiaolanyu, Taiwan. Platax 13: 59-71
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      2. Review of the barracudina genera Lestrolepis and Lestidium in Taiwan
      3. Review of codlet fishes (Gadiformes, Bregmacerotidae) in Taiwan
      4. Identification of leptocephali of the eel order Anguilliformes around Taiwan