International Symposium

    For promoting the research, conservation, education and extending cooperation on Marine Biology, the National Museum of Biology Marine and Aquarium (NMMBA) and the College of Marine Sciences, National Dong Hwa University began to hold a national symposium in September of 2006 and 2007 respectively, which provided the researchers and graduate students a platform to communicate and interact with scientists outside of the NMMBA.

    Starting in 2008, the annual national symposium was transformed into an international symposium entitled "The Omics in the Ocean - The International Symposium for Marine Biology and Biotechnology". Omics represents a field of study in Greek. In mandarin pronunciation, Omics represents the profound secrets or the truth. With the increasing attraction and usefulness of various omic approaches in biological research, we adapt this title to symbolize the effort and eagerness to explore the beauty and truth of the ocean.

    NMMBA has held six Symposiums which have attracted 120-150 participants annually, including distinguished scholars, experts and students from around the world.

    International Symposium