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    The molecular ecophysiology of closely related pocilloporid corals of New Caledonia
    Anderson B. Mayfield*, Chii-Shiarng Chen, Alexandra C. Dempsey

    Record of a flathead fish, Rogadius pristiger (Cuvier, 1829) (Platycephalidae) from Taiwan
    Katsuya Kimura*, Megumi Takagishi, Toshio Kawai, Hisashi Imamura, Hsuan-Ching Ho, Taketeru Tomita, Fumiya Tanaka and Gento Shinohara

    A new record of the genus Lophotus (Lampridiformes: Lophotidae) in Taiwan
    Keita Koeda* and Hsuan-Ching Ho

    Spatial variation in the benthic community structure of coral reefs of Hsiaoliuchiu, Taiwan
    Tung-Lin Yang, Sonny Tuan Meng Lee*, Pei-Yun Tsai, Chih-Jui Tan, Tung-Yung Fan*

    A new record fish genus and species, Grammonus robustus Smith & Radcliffe 1913, from southern Taiwan (Bythitidae: Bythitinae)
    Hsuan-Ching Ho* and Timo Moritz

    New record of the enigmatic moray Gymnothorax enigmaticus McCosker and Randall, 1982 (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Taiwan
    Wen-Chien Huang,* , Jen-Chieh Shiao, and Te-Yu Liao

    Records of rare scabbardfish (Perciformes: Trichiuridae) from southern Taiwan
    Keita Koeda* and Hsuan-Ching Ho