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    Real-time PCR-based gene expression analysis in the model reef-building coral Pocillopora damicornis: insight from a salinity stress study
    Anderson B. Mayfield*, Tung-Yung Fan, Chii-Shiarng Chen

    Heterophils exhibiting toxic changes in a juvenile green sea turtle (Chelonia Mydas)
    Tsung-Hsien Li*, Jium-Yuan Li

    Taxonomic review and DNA barcoding of the fish genus Peristedion (Scorpaeniformes: Peristediidae) in Taiwan
    Hsuan-Ching Ho*, Wei-Ling Chee, Chia-Hao Chang, Kwang-Tsao Shao

    Unreported predatory behavior on crustaceans by Ilyella gigas (Schmarda, 1859) (Polycladida: Ilyplanidae), a newly-recorded flatworm from Taiwan
    Wei-Ban Jie*, Shih-Chieh Kuo, Shang-Chi Wu, Kwen-Shen Lee

    New records of five fish species from the Green Island, Orchid Island and Kenting, Taiwan
    Hsuan-Ching Ho*, Chin-Jer Lin, Chih-Ren Yang

    Demania unispinosa Chen & Ng, 1999 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura), a newly recorded xanthid crab for Taiwan
    Pi-Hsien Kuo, Chia-Wei Lin, Jose C. E. Mendoza

    Defecation behavior of the hairy urchin, Tripneustes gratilla
    Shyh-Min Chao*, Bang-Chin Chen

    First record of the soft coral associated crab Hoplophrys oatesi Henderson, 1893 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Epialtidae) in Taiwanese waters
    Pi-Hsien Kuo, Chia-Wei Lin