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    The molecular ecophysiology of closely related pocilloporids of the South Pacific: a case study from the Austral and Cook Islands
    Anderson B. Mayfield, Chii-Shiarng Chen, Alexandra C. Dempsey, Andrew W. Bruckner

    New record of the finless eel Apterichtus hatookai from Taiwan (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae: Ophichthinae)
    Hsuan-Ching Ho

    Pseudoceros magangensis: a new species of pseudocerotid flatworm (Platyhelminthes: Polycladida) from Taiwan
    Wei-Ban Jie1, Bin Qi Gan, Vincent Y. Chen, Shih-Chieh Kuo

    A new record of Cataetyx lepidogenys (Smith & Radcliffe, 1913) (Bythitidae: Bythitinae) from Taiwan
    Chia-Lien Lee, Hsuan-Ching Ho

    Spatial and temporal variations in subtidal fish assemblages of Xiaolanyu, Taiwan
    Chih-Wei Chang, Shao-I Wang, Fung-Chi Ko

    New record of the squat lobster Munida olivarae from Southern Taiwanese coral reef
    Chiawei Lin

    New records of three coral reef fishes from the Kenting National Park, Taiwan
    Hsuan-Ching Ho, Chin-Te Lin