Wild Life Sanctuary and Rescue Center

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    During its organizing phase in 1996, the museum has accepted the commission of the Council of Agriculture to set up "Rescue and Assistance Project for Trapped Whales Ashore" and take care of trapped whales. In 1997, the museum applied for the establishment of "Marine Life Sheltering Center" to assist local governments and court houses to take care of confiscated marine species that are under conservation. In 1999, the museum was officially opened and equipped with completed facilities. Because of the participation of professional vets, the sheltering center also offered medical treatment services. In 2000, the sheltering center integrated "Rescue and Assistance Project for Trapped Whales Ashore" to operate "Marine Life Sheltering and Caring Project" until now.The main affairs of the center include sheltering for confiscated illegal red dragon fish, sheltering and medical treatment of injured turtles, medical treatment and rehabilitation of trapped whales and dolphins. Among these affairs, caring for the turtles has been the most effective one. Most of the turtles have been released back to the nature after recovering. Apart from providing shelter and medical treatment to conserved marine species, the center also actively provides sample information and pathological analysis for research purpose, including blood, body tissue, and bacteria of whales and dolphins. Besides that, promotional events and educational activities themed on marine life conservation are continuously being conducted in the center. For instance, the center has held special exhibitions and symposiums; also published reading materials and invited schools to participate in releasing marine animals. The center expects that besides providing shelter for injured marine animals and doing research, it could also increase better awareness on the concept of animal conservation in Taiwan.

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