Director General's Annual projects

    NMMBA- A Window to the Ocean
    NMMBA- A Window to the Ocean

    The Ocean is the source of evolution and every living being on Earth. Since the 1700s, Marine researches have uncovered numerous mysteries of life, and have made remarkable progresses in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmacy.

    The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) is located within Kenting National Park of Pingtung, Taiwan. This region of the Pacific Ocean near the north end of the Southeastern Asia Coral Reef Triangle is known for having high marine species diversity and dynamic oceanic currents, which provide abundant resources. This geographic uniqueness has created a great responsibility for NMMBA as a national museum and aquarium. Since its opening in 2000, NMMBA has actively conducted scientific research and constructed exhibitions, all for the purpose of providing meaningful education about the ocean. Although still relatively young, NMMBA has continuously strived towards excellence whilst maintaining its creative spirit.

    The mission goals of NMMBA are:
    1.To conduct marine biological research using creative and novel methods;
    2.To popularize marine research, and accurately display marine species in their natural habitants;
    3.To collect vast and complete samples and digital images of marine species;
    4.To bridge research/education and industrial development, and promote cooperation between academia and commercial enterprises;
    5.To impact the community through research, on both a domestic and global scale.

    Be you a child or a solitary traveler, this is my sincere hope: that NMMBA will be a springboard for you to plunge into the Ocean, and inspire you to be curious about the mysteries of life. In the very least, I hope it is a stimulating environment that encourages you to appreciate the beauty of life.

    Director General Chii-Shiarng Chen