A mileage goes beyond century symbolizing the abundance and beauty of life, which nourishes the culture of Taiwan with the ocean…

    In 1991, the preparatory office of the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium(NMMBA) was formally established, the hard and tough scheming and construction work were then begun…., the opening of the Waters of Taiwan was finally finished on February 25th, 2000 after numerous efforts and frustrations, we formally stepped toward the infinite field of international marine education and research since then.

    Under the multiple functional thinking of the museum affairs, the NMMBA also approaches the overall promotion of community, entertainment, international and so forth other than the upgrading of the educational, academic and conservational aspects. In July, 2000, the Aquarium Department of the museum was consigned to Hi-Scene World Enterprise for professional operation and management after screening. This not only initiated the first case of consigning the national social educational agency to outside operation, but also implemented thoroughly the cooperation concept for professional division of labor.

    The NMMBA introduced the Waters of the World covering the global waters and ancient ocean with the method of combining the aquarium and all digital images following the openings of the Waters of Taiwan and the Coral Kingdom Pavilion. All progresses were finished at the end of 2007, which made the NMMBA the best museum worldwide.

    This picture shows the relationship between the National Museum of Marine Biology and Hengchun Peninsula.

    This picture shows the relationship between the National Museum of Marine Biology and Hengchun Peninsula.

    Spirit and Challenge of Water

    The NMMBA is located in Checheng of Pingtung County, facing the Taiwan strait in the west and standing beside the Tortoise Mt. in the east. The whole area of the district is 96.81 hectares, the construction of the museum division alone occupies 35.81 hectares, whereas the surrounding grasslands and public facility divisions (like the parking lot, tourist information service) occupy more than 60 hectares. The building allocation can be divided into: the museum (the three theme exhibit halls of Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion and Waters of the World and administration and teaching centers), several major building divisions like the husbandry center, public facilities, research building, maintenance facilities, international conference center and academic research center.

    Locating among the mountain and river, the overall scheming concept of the museum focuses on presenting the spirit and characteristic of water. It is developed with low building density, buildings with different functions are dispersed and connected with footpaths to maintain the harmonious relation with the original natural environment.

      • Whale water square
      • The first Contact with Whales-Whale water square
      • Regarding whale models made with equal proportion, there is a Megaptera novaeangliaejumping out of the water with whale babies, Physeter catodon taking a breath by showing his head and dabbling. Visitors can relieve summer heat by playing with water and experiencing whales' huge bodies and cool water.

      • Special Exhibit
      • The Special Exhibit One May Not Miss
      • This division is located at the second floor of the entrance lobby and the Coral Kingdom Pavilion, which is built mainly for providing special exhibitions with short-term theme and specialty.

      • Information Service
      • The Information Service
      • Take the meaning of mountain and river as the design concept, the language of modeling landscape is blended naturally into the ecological park of intertidals with the wavelike slopping roof. Tourists are guided in to visit the NMMBA by moving track. Display functions (the display division of the Kengting National Park), consulting service, ticket buying and checking, purchasing, food and beverage, rest places and so on are provided.

      • Lobby
      • Mingle of Sense and Sensibility-the Lobby
      • In the lobby with 21 meters high up, one may see vivid models like dolphin, octopus, whale shark and killer whale hanging on the roof. High waterfall and delicate bronze statues are also seen there, big pieces of tent glass walls are designed both in the front and back of the lobby for tourists to appreciate the beauty of morning and sunset, it is a space displayed with both the scientific sense and art value.

      • Love and Newborn
      • The Outdoor Public Art Works- Love and Newborn
      • Located at the ticket center, the outdoor supper grand glass works first seen in the country, named "Love and Newborn Life", it is created by the international well known Liuligongfang. The egg like sculptures are based on marbles with black mirror surfaces, carved with glass and combined with luminescent Acropora muricata, which symbolize the marine environment of Taiwan gleaming and heating with the poise of newborn life.

      • Mysterious Diving Trip-Kid's Balcony
      • Mysterious Diving Trip-Kid's Balcony
      • An exploring area located at the balcony outside the building, the facilities of this division are all models of marine life. It provides a place for kids to rest and have fun and encourages them to explore the secret of ocean world through imaginative and creative games.

      • Encouragement and Recognition
      • Encouragement and Recognition - the American 2001 Outstanding Engineering Award
      • With outstanding scheming and design, success in challenging difficult operation techniques as well as full control of excellent engineering quality, the NMMBA project has come to the fore among more than two thousand works in the contest and won the first prize of American 2001 Outstanding Engineering Awardby the American Engineering Counseling Association]. It is an encouragement to the NMMBA as well as a special honor shared by our people, it even established a new milestone for our public engineering quality.

      • Super Grand Acrylic
      • A Glimpse of the Secret of Ocean-Super Grand Acrylic- Display Window
      • With the super sizes of 4.85 meters x 16.5 meters x 0.33 meter, the Open Ocean displays the migrating fishes in the eastern coast of Taiwan. Besides the hold for water pressure of one million gallons, it may also stand the safety coefficient of vibration with 0.97G, the fireproof coefficient of three grade with 97% of light penetration, which is one of the major points of the NMMBA project.

      • Life Support System
      • The Beginning of All Surprises-Life Support System
      • Responsible for the water quality treatment of all kinds of exhibiting creatures all over the museum, there are complete supervision system and complicated relevant pipeline equipment. The life support system is the energy spring of the aquatic life as well as the essential equipment of maintaining the operation.

      • Underwater Tunnel
      • A Magic Tour Crosses the Space–Underwater Tunnel
      • With an engineering technique holding water capacity of 1.5 million gallon, the 81 meters long displaying moving track of underwater view is the biggest underwater tunnel in Asia, which offers visitors a simulated diving tour.