Exhibition and Display Description

    Water of Taiwan

    Surrounded by the sea on all sides, Taiwan’s beautiful natural landscape is abundant. In order to present a panoramic snapshot of Taiwan’s diverse hydrological environment, Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium has modeled this exhibit to follow the journey of water throughout Taiwan
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    Coral Kingdom Pavilion

    The brilliant living corals and darting fish are displayed as the main attraction. After entering the pavilion, dive slowly around the enormous cylindrical tanks, and continue on to partake in an 80 meter underwater tunnel tour. Exploring this under
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    Waters of the World

    The earth was formed around 4.6 billion years ago where oceans have not come into existence yet. The planet was a large lump of dust clothed in gas, and so begins the earth’s history. This exhibition shows visitors all about how life evolved from the water of the planet. Though the cutting-edge technology, the exhibition demonstrates the four topics of Ancient Oceans, Kelp Forest, the Deep Sea, and the Polar Seas.

    The exhibition combines the Virtual reality with the physical marine Biology thus the visitors can discover the ocean ecology through the entertaining and educational exhibition programs.
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    Whale Explorium

    The building with the shape of a vivid and vigorous whale, was built as a Solar Energy Building that becomes the first landmark of solar energy in Hengchun Peninsula. Many marine outdoor activities, such as canoe, snorkeling, sea swimming, have been held near this station to enrich the meaning of marine education in NMMBA.