Title Name Official functions
    Director-General Chii-Shiarng Chen Overall management of the museum affairs
    Deputy Derector General Chii-Shiarng Chen Assistance management of the museum affairs
    Deputy Director Te-Hao Chen Assistance management of the museum affairs
    Planning & Research Division Li-Hsueh Wang In charge of the experiment and research of the fundamental science for the marine lives of the museum. Promote the standard of the academic research field of the museum,and push the museum to undergo intercommunication with other academic agencies.
    Biology Division

    Kwee-Siong Tew

    The plan and research the acquisition, breeding, reproduction, research, disease control of the displaying creatures. Inspection and analysis for water quality of the displaying tanks and the improvement and development of the life support system.
    Science Education Division Jui-Hsin Su Promote the common science education for the marine lives of the museum. Duties include the education for exhibit sites, school relevant education, community and social education service, cultivation and training for volunteers, and development for teaching materials and tools.
    Exhibition Division Wun-Jhen Chen Plan and research for exhibiting theme and special exhibition.The maintenance, operation and repair of displaying machinery,and collect specimens and creature database system for the marine lives of the museum.
    Engineering Division Chin-Kang Hsiao Maintenance and repair for all kinds of power supply and engineering machine facilities of the museum, proceeding and operating civil engineering, building maintenance and repair, new construction and scheming and execution for fire fighting environmental safety.
    Secretary Office Chao-ping Yu Managing all kinds of general affairs, purchasing, property and vehicle safekeeping, legal systems, documentation, confidential affairs, seal keeping and other items which are not dealt by other departments.

    Promote and execute all kinds of information functions in the museum, proceed the scheming, installation, coordination, maintenance and repair for the information system all over the museum to meet the needs of the official function units. And the maintenance and repair for the software and hardware of the information equipment all over the museum.
    Accounting Office Hui-Yu Huang Managing the official functions regarding budget, accounting and statistics of the museum in compliance with the regulations; financial supervision for BOT suppliers.
    Personnel Office Yung-Lung Chang Managing personnel services regarding personnel administration, organization, employment and discharge, promotion, efficiency examination, training, further study, outstation, salary, welfare, pension, insurance, passport and so forth in compliance with the law, all kinds of authorities and duties of public servants are mostly related to the official functions of this department.
    Center for Cooperation
    between Schools
    Yu-Min Ju Integrate the researches underwent by different fields which go beyond their own academic field inside the museum. Promote the cooperation of the museum among relevant authorities in and out the country and relevant agencies like properties, government, schools and graduate schools, and other items regarding cooperation between schools as well as raising money for the technological research fund of the NMMBA.
    Library, Multimedia and Publishing Center Shao-En Peng Management of the museum library; collection of professional or featured books of marine biology; editing and publication of the bimonthly magazine (title: The Omics in the Ocean) of the museum; planning and publishing of the museum multimedia and publications.
    Aquarium Division
    (Hi-Sence World Co. Ltd.)
    Yi-Fang Jheng In charge of the operation and management of all kinds of business affairs of the exhibition site, including explanatory guide, activity promotion, tourist service, sales site administration, exhibition site cleaning, safety supervision, breeding and management of displaying creatures, management, maintenance and repair of all engineering life support systems. And responsible for the planning and construction of the World Waters Pavilion as well.

    Aquarium Department Center for Cooperation Government Ethics Office Personnel Office Accounting Office Secretary Office Engineering Department Exhibition Department Science Education Department Curator Deputy Director Planning & Research Department Biology Department