Privacy policy

    Welcome to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) Website!

    For the convenience of your usage of the Museum Services in this website, we would like to explain the Information Security policy as follows:


    Scope of Policy Application

    The following Privacy Policy is applicable to the collection, use, and protection of your personal information when you are browsing in NMMBA Website, but is inapplicable to your activities to the websites of any government departments or other websites that are linked to NMMBA Website. The various websites linked from NMMBA Website, whether it is operated by NMMBA or not, carries their exclusive Privacy Policies that the Museum bears no relevant responsibility. When you are browsing in these websites, protection of personal information is applicable according to the respective Privacy Policy of different websites.


    Collection and Use of Personal Information

    When you browse and download the files of NMMBA Website, NMMBA Website will not collect any of your personal information.

    When you use the various online application services provided by NMMBA Website, in case the personal information of the applicant is required, the organization concerned will ask you to provide the latest and true information of your name and e-mail etc.

    If you express your ideas or ask questions through e-mail or servicing mailbox, we may keep your communication records for the use of further contact with you only.

    The website server can record the IP address of the users on the Website, time of online, and the web pages browsed on the Website etc. Such kinds of information are referential to the surveys and analyses on the total visits of the Website and activities on the Website done by the management unit of NMMBA Website, to promote the quality of services. These analyses only focus on the activities and total number of all users, but never on individual user.


    NMMBA will not sell, trade, or loan any personal information to other groups, individuals or private enterprise, except the following situations:

    。To cooperate with the legal investigation by legal unit.

    。To cooperate with the investigation or use by the related authorities in fulfilling their duties.

    。Out of good intention, it is believed that the disclosure is for legal need, or for management use, so as to protect and improve the website services.

    We own and manage the detailed personal data list.


    Information Security and Protection

    The server of the Website is protected by firewall and IPS, which prevents any illegal intrusions, damage or information theft. When you are using the services and functions of NMMBA Website, any information stored in this Website will be perfectly secured, to protect the security of your personal information.


    Self-protection Measures

    Please manage your personal information properly. To protect your rights and benefits, do not provide your personal information to any third parties.

    Please be reminded that your voluntary disclosure of your personal information on the Internet (e.g. discussion zone, message board and chat zone etc.) may be collected and used by other people. As a result, you may receive e-mails sent by unknown people.


    Consultation of Privacy Protection Policy

    In order to protect users' privacy, the Privacy Protection Regulations of the Website will be revised along with the advancement of technology and updated trend, the amendment of the related regulations, or environmental changes. Any questions about NMMBA's Privacy Protection Policy, please contact us!